Exclusive podcast #6 : PSLKTR

This is heavy ! Today, I am pleased to introduce our brand new podcast, made by PSLKTR. These 45 mn, full of vice, dirty and so good in the same time were recorded live at Moog Analogic Bar from the last party featuring PSLKTR. Enjoy this mix, smartly played, with lots a greats and amazing tracks in it, and bonus gift, also some unreleased !

Benoît Mascot aka PSLKTR has been setting dancefloors on fire at many clubs and festivals in Europe alongside some of the main international djs & live acts. Party promoter/Resident DJ at the famous underground Kiosk Club in Lille and resident DJ at N.A.M.E. Festival, he has been also part of Signaletik Records.

He decided to join forces with Monoblok, and from there have been busy producing and defining their own personal style by synthesizing their respective ideas and influences.

They started releasing material in mid 2009 on the french label Notorious Elektro, home of artists such as Oxia, The Hacker or Kiko. Their "Straighthead EP" proved highly effective on the dancefloors and the two guys instantly gained true recognition and support from the electronic scene.

2010 was the year they found their own sound and started to work on a liveset to rock the clubs. After releasing "Make/Shift EP" on the Berlin based label Lebensfreude Records and doing a remix for the emerging UK hope Paul Loraine on Electric Sheep Records, their roads crossed those of two other french producers, Siskid & Remain.

Both residents of the legendary Pulp Club in Paris and guitar player for Blackstrobe, they launched their own label, Meant Records and enlisted the duo. Since then, Monoblok & PSLKTR released the acclaimed "Wonky Tonk Ep", featuring a remix by Ivan Smagghe (a rare solo effort), appeared in Trax & Tsugi magazine’s samplers & compilation ("Ready for 2011?" Trax’s first ever compilation dedicated to french electronic hopes) and released several podcasts for Telerama, Tsugi, Pulse Radio, …
By the end of 2011 they released a new EP on Meant Records, "Damage Done EP", featuring remixes from Crackboy, Matt Walsh & Zaho, Click Click & Marc Pinol which once again gained public & press success. Their freshly released "Spooky" EP, on MEANT records, as been warm welcomed by press, such as Mixmag Uk, Dj Mag Spain & Italy as well as Trax Magazine.

So yes, Benoit, aka PSLKTR is offering you here something very special… Enjoy

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